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POC Obex MIPS - The all-day, all-mountain ski helmet giving adaptable protection for skiers and snowboarders

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POC seamlessly marries durability with comfort and offers the ultimate balance of strength and coziness, ideal for all-day, all-mountain use. source: www.gearlimits.com Technical Specifications The POC Obex is very comfortable for all-day riding. We enjoyed riding in this helmet due to its lightweight and absent feel. The helmet fits a round, oval head shape the best. Those with long oval head shapes may find negative space in the upper lateral zones of the helmet. One tester has a long oval head and can move the shell from side to side a small distance within the gaps. To have an ideal fit, he needs to wear a thin beanie to add volume. If you have a long oval head, we recommend looking at a Giro or Smith model. It has a dial to adjust the harness and snug up the fit. This reduced but didn't fully remove the movement mentioned above. Overall, this helmet is quite comfortable, but a few design aspects negatively affect the score.

The removable ‘bombshell’ ear pads can be removed when temperatures rise, and the safety rating covers bike use too, making even more ethical and economic sense. An active ventilation system is controlled via a button on the outside, allowing you to switch between open vents on hot climbs, and closed on windy summits. Finally, chimney vents sit above the goggle area, venting warm air away from the lenses and keeping them clear. Adjustable ventilation - Adjustable ventilation makes it possible to control airflow through the helmet, giving comfort across a broader range of temperatures.

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Aside from that, the MTN Lab features a removable liner - and a lighter weight summer one as well - good ventilation and a custom dial system for a good fit. Another key feature is the headlamp fitting, so those alpine starts (and epic late finishes) can be done safely and without additional fuss. When the sun is cranking up the heat and temperatures rise, you start feeling like you’re baking in an oven inside your helmet. What do you do? The POC Obex MIPS has these nifty, detachable ear pads, so you can give your helmet a breather, just like you would after conquering a mogul field. It’s like the helmet version of rolling up your sleeves on a hot summer day, keeping you cool and comfortable across a range of temperatures.

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POC Obex MIPS Snowboard Helmet is undeniably one of the best MIPS snowboarding helmets of 2023. Its adaptable protection, adjustable ventilation, and top-notch features for comfort and safety make it a must-have for anyone serious about their snowboarding experience. Needless to say, Atomic hasn’t let the side down on either the helmet or goggles front, serving up a ABS outer, Holo Core and 3M X-Static Lining for comfort and protection. There’s space for glasses underneath the vizor (another selling point), which is a Atomic photochromic lens with an Anti-Scratch Outer and Anti-fog Inner that adapts to light levels automatically. Finally, the audio compatible ear pads mean you get your favourite tunes too - what's not to like?


The Obex ski helmet takes snow safety up several notches by adding a couple of extra layers of technology to the mix. There’s a MIPS system, as well as a clever hybrid shell design that blends a robust ABS top section with an EPS liner and stronger-than-steel aramid panels, all of which combine to keep weight down but protection high.

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